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Why Sales Matters

For the discerning saleperson who really cares about their art.

This is about closing more business, adding more value and upselling everything you can.

Sales is highly technical, highly skilled and highly rewarding when done well. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here we collect as many concepts, ideas, techniques that have been used with success by people with track records to prove it. From classic techniques to modified versions, expert tips to proposal structures our art comes in many forms. Embrace it all.

Why Sales Matters was conceived from the muddled mind of Adam Fenwick of Strategy Insights LLP.

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Collection of opinions, training materials and thoughts on everything to do with the art of sales.

Covering core concepts such as pitching, lead sourcing, closing etc through to definitions of all types of industry jargon.

Everyone has differing views on the most successful ways to sell consistently. Sales is at it's best when it is an inclusive and diverse set of principles that have success in different industries and with different products.

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